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Due to supply-chain issues, we will not be working on
Toyota, Nissan, Infinity, Kia or Hyundai transmissions until parts availability improves.

CVT Transmission Repair Sacramento
CVT Transmissions

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Automatic Transmissions

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What's That About?

Transmission noise in Sacramento

If you hear a whine when driving or a clunking sound when shifting, consult a transmission specialist right away!

Water in transmission

If your transmission fluid has a color and consistency that looks like a strawberry milkshake, have your vehicle towed to a shop right away!

transmission fluid leak

A leaky transmission could be an early sign of serious problems and shouldn't be ignored. The fluid cools and lubricates the internal parts. Heat kills transmissions!

do not flush your transmission

This could actually do more harm than good. Many vehicle manufacturers have recommended against doing this since 2005.

How We Work

Since we first opened our doors way back in 1965, we have been focused on being the best transmission repair shop in Sacramento. As the decades passed transmissions have changed a lot and so have the tools and skills needed to repair those transmissions. We are committed to not just keeping up with those changes, but also to staying "ahead of the curve".

We have access to the best information databases for trouble-shooting transmission repair problems. We combine our knowledge with the expertise of thousands of other technicians in the industry.

Automatic transmissions have evolved to the point where some now have six or more gears. That level of complexity requires on-going training, so we are constantly upgrading our skills and knowledge. In recent years the CVT transmission has become quite popular with car makers. The Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) doesn't really have any "gears", relying instead on a steel band or belt that connecst two pulleys. The advantage of CVTs is that they deliver improved gas mileage and smoother shifts. The disadvantage of CVTs is that when that steel band breaks, it destroys the transmission and it can't be repaired, and has to be replaced. The band can be replaced, usually before 60,000 miles, and that will add years to the life of the CVT transmission. Replacing the band is costly, but the price is only about half as much as replacing the entire unit.


Transmissions can fail for a number of reasons, sometimes it can be a blown fuse, or a bad computer module and the internal gears don't need any repairs at all. In some cases, the problem may be that an individual gear has gone bad and the others are fine. In that situation, the professional solution for a transmission repair shop Sacramento is to replace all of the gears. It's almost certain that they are all the same age and if one has failed the others are likely to fail before too long.

Recently, there's been a lot of talk about problems with certain Chevy truck transmissions, including the 2500HDs and 3500HDs. This is a known issue and we have the tools and expertise to fix it and save you a lot of money!

Our reputation as a transmission repair shop has been built on doing only the work that actually needs to be done. No "smoke and mirrors" and no up-selling. If a transmission can be repaired at a reasonable cost, we'll do it. If installing a new transmission would be less expensive or a better long-term result, then that's what we'll recommend to the customer. If the transmission is sound and only needs a new relay or computer module, that's all we're going to do. Honest, expert transmission repair is what our customers all across the Sacramento region have come to expect from our shop. If you need a transmission repair shop sacramento, give us a call today!