Automatic Transmission Repair Sacramento



The Golden Rule Warranty is an inter-shop warranty plan that is issued and serviced by authorized ATRA members in good standing. It is honored at thousands of ATRA-member shops nationwide! ATRA is the world's largest network of automatic transmission repair shops, which makes the Golden Rule warranty the most widely honored warranty of any chain or franchise. The ATRA Golden Rule warranty is issued by the original repairing member shop where the work was originally done and will be honored by ATRA members throughout the USA and Canada.


To find an ATRA Member shop that participates in the ATRA Golden Rule warranty program, visit atra.com and use the Shop Finder tool. For warranty repairs contact the original shop. ATRA Golden Rule warranties remain valid for the term of the warranty (terms and conditions apply and are listed on the warranty form), provided the original shop is an ATRA member in good standing during the term of the warranty.