Transmission Noise Sacramento



If you hear a whine when driving or a clunking sound when shifting, take your vehicle to a qualified transmission specialist right away! That noise may mean that internal parts are colliding with each other or that clean transmission fluid is not lubricating and cooling the moving parts.

Your vehicle likely has a transmission (or clutch) problem if:

  • 1) There is buzzing, whine or any other noise from the transmission
  • 2) There is a clicking noise in transmission while in 4-wheel drive mode
  • 3) There is a clunking sound from underneath the vehicle when you shift gears


The cause could be one of several possibilities:

  • A) The transmission fluid is low or needs replacing because it has become dirty
  • B) There are internal problems in the transmission or transfer case
  • C) The external controls or parts need adjustment or replacement
  • D) Electrical components need to be adjusted or replaced
  • E) In automatic transmissions, the transmission computer may need to be replaced
  • F) Internal parts could be worn out or broken, which could mean a major repair