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Honda Odyssey Transmission Repair

What's wrong with my Honda Odyssey Transmission?

The Honda Odyssey debuted in 1994 and has had several different transmission types. Since 2018 it comes with a 10-speed automatic transmission.

The earliest problems with the Honda Odyssey transmissions relate to the 4-speed models. On these vehicles, bearings may be faulty and these could break apart. This issue was common in Odysseys built from 1999 through 2001. Honda did not issue a recall on these transmissions, but it did extend the warranty on the transmission for these vehicles to seven full years.

The next generation of the Odysseys in 2002 and a number of problems developed with the 5-speed automatic transmissions. These developed reliability problems. The issue was never pinpointed to a specific concern, but rather to early wear and tear. This specifically impacted the third gear clutch. In some vehicles, abrasion and extensive wear occurred and this could send debris into the transmission. This could also cause the car to shift randomly, which became problematic quickly, leading to a sudden stalling.

The Odyssey has a number of complaints about a total transmission failure in muktiple model years. Honda has not fully explained why this occurs. Some owners reported rough shifting that eventually led to complete failure of the transmission. Others reported the transmission shuddering when operating, resulting in an accident. That was related to the torque converter in some cases. The company did not issue a recall or a repair for these vehicles. Transmission failures have been reported on numerous vehicles, including the 2000 Odyssey and also in more recent vehicles


Honda did issue a recall for about 50,000 2018 vehicles that exhibited a transmission shift while being driven.

The problem was specific to the 10-speed transmissions. In some cases, dealerships and technicians reported a loose battery terminal connection caused the transmission to stall out. This led to the transmission rebooting unintentionally and unexpectedly, which could lead to the vehicle shifting into the "Park" position randomly, increasing the risk of an accident occurring. Dealerships tell owners to bring these vehicles in for repairs. They checked all the battery connections to make sure they were secure and properly in place. They also updated the software on the transmission to prevent it from rebooting in this way.

Yet another problem was found in the 2014 and 2015 Odysseys. In these vehicles, owners reported a clunking or loud, unexplained noise. Some also reporting that when switching gears, the vehicle would randomly jerk heavily.

Honda did not issue a recall for this or recommend arepair but the company did have technicians look at the transmissions in these vehicles to ensure they were in good condition. The technicians suspected that the problem could be related to a needed transmission flush. When performed, this seemed to stop the problem. Some drivers reported having to have the transmission replaced, but this was not as common as other repair options.

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